New Post, Who Dis???????

It’s been a long road everyone.

As of March 15th, this blog is seven years old.

Seven years I planned, experimented, and documented my family chronicles. Then I fell off. I made a major move, had health and finance issues and just feel into a different path.

Now, we are here.

I really sat, again, and wondered, should I continue? I love writing though. I love creating for audiences in all forms. Performance, or otherwise. Since I’ve been back to California A LOT has changed and if you have been a long time reader, you know. One of the things I had to really look at was when I started this project, it was for my kids and to help other moms in my realm.

Well, I have roommates now. I mean I still have kids but they are practically grown. One aged out of school and his trade school program. One. who transferred to a really elite art school, and the baby will be learning to drive this year. Means my priorities have changed. I also have come really, really really far in my career and its taking off very fast.

I love it all. What did it mean for this page and media? How do we keep this going when the demographic has changed? Do I end it all?

The answer: No.

I really began to look at my life, surroundings, and my crew to see how do we reboot this? I regrouped, and said, oh we can do this! We can change it up and expand, and oh do I have new segments to share………guest stars……..and more on my career. Its taken off in a ride I never thought it would.

First things first though. I’m typing from a laptop (finally). I tried keeping you in the loop with my phone and tablet, and naw peeps, we can’t do that. It doesn’t work. I did get through college courses for almost 3 years though. Dont ask, just know………I’m that fierce.

In any event, we are back, and we will be uploading, writing, and vlogging more.

Did I mention I’m on tik tok too? Yeah, I jumped on that train since we’ve been at home. Its hilarious!

Stay tuned!!!! We bout to get grown ’round here!!!!


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