Welcome my co-creators

Hey Hey Hey!

I’m writing this Thursday, since I have a big meeting with my deans for the play I’m directing. That will be shared very soon!

We making moves yo!

As promised, today was huge announcement day for the blog. Obviously, we aren’t going anywhere, but changing the format so to speak!

Like I said before, I’ve really want to get back to basics with a twist. I missed the New Tuesdays, organization, and bar labs. Though my alcohol consumption has slowed down quite a bit, I do enjoy a cocktail every now and again. I wanted to reflect who we are now. That my ongoing joke is “I have roommates”.

You are like, if this heffa don’t hurry up! Say no more…..

Um for real, spill the tea!

At this current moment, all three of the crew are home, and interested in different things. Brandon is home permanently, and we decided to team up to bring you guys a segment called “Cooking with Brandon”. If you guys remember, he was in a transitional program for special needs young adults that focused on life skills. His favorite thing was cooking. I like to call him my Gordon Ramsey. He will let me know if something is missing or if he loved my dish.

This smooth dude. He cracks me up.

We decided to let him show off his skills. I think it’s important to show him on the blog/vlog because though he’s disabled, it doesn’t mean his life is over, or he can’t do things. It may need to be modified, but he still has all his greatness to bring to the table. He’ll have special guests to collab with as well, so look out for this dude!

Next up is Miss Annie. Now she was supposed to be transferring into Art Center, which she has, but due to some personal issues, and Corona Virus, she took a break until she was able to get back on campus. A lot of college students did this, and it’s just the world we are in at the moment. Now, that doesn’t mean she isn’t creating. On the contrary, she has explored a lot of outlets to keep her busy until this summer or fall. Exclusive to this blog, will her take on different crating ideas, and staying creative during the pandemic. We may even crochet! Say wha???????

Because why not at this point when at home??????

There is a reason she is an animation major.

Lastly, we have Emily, how in better terms is the typical teenager. In which I truly was not prepared for. I’m just keeping it real. One way I channeled teen energy was college courses with me. Don’t you know it, she earned a Makeup Artistry Proficiency Award. Now, those college credits are permanent, so when she’s really to continue with college enrollment, those are three less classes she’ll need to take. My thinking was if you want to wear makeup, do it correctly, Between the two of us, we are going to bring you different ways to do different looks, both regular and special effects, with things around the house! True story that I just barely learned how to wear makeup about 3 years ago, and it’s not as hard as it looks, but it can be time consuming when done correctly.

Gender Bend Freddy Krueger.

My 15 soon to be 16 makeup artist/costumer.

To recap, we are still cooking, mixing drinks, and getting more creative because that’s were we are as a unit. I’ll still blog on here, but you’ll definitely see more video segments. I have a ton of recipes to share, so keep a look out, because i didn’t stop cooking, or thinking of mixed drinks.

It’s feels great to be back. I missed you guys. Did you miss us???? No matter, lets get into it!!!


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