Crossroads and my gps broke……


It’s been a long ass time, and we had a huge announcement change, but I’ll be real. The universe always has plans for you. A lot of times, they aren’t the same as the plans you made.

That’s what happened here.

I have many babies. My crew, I grew in my womb, birthed, and raised. Three great humans. They have taken their own paths on successes, and work through their own obstacles.

This blog. I’ve met sooooooo many people through blogging, and them reading about my crazy cooking/mom ideas. Some are like family at this point. I mean some folks I’ve known for over 15 years,

My furbabies. I never knew how much of a dog mommy I was until we got pets. I’d give my life for my pets, just like for my kids.

Within this last year and a half, I learned so much about myself and our crew. I’ve also sat and continue to think about this blog. I haven’t lost love for any of it. It’s the time management. As much as I want to write daily, it’s not plausible at this moment. What I realized is that’s ok. It’s ok when life makes a shift.

I also realized my kiddos, except the youngest, have their own lives. I’ll explain more on that in the next blog.

I’m in a different place from when I started this blog, and that means you need to adjust. Sometimes life lets you know that adjusting is normal, and change is the only guarantee.

One of the reasons I’ve been absent was the grieving process. Losing three family members and our pet in the last 7 months hit us hard. Harder then we wanted to admit. It got me truly thinking about time, and how short it truly is.

How are you approaching your career? Kids? Hobbies?

What the hell do you actually want?

That’s the best and worse place to be because it forces you to re-evaluate your role in the grand scheme of things. It also lets you celebrate the all the greatness you completed.

I’m still here, but I’m tackling the reality of death and my role in each being we physically lost.

I truly love yall still following along and letting me figure out where to go from here.

I’ll be back. Ya girl just needs time to figure it out, along with the new family I belong to.

Check out the next entry for details…….


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