We ain’t goin’ nowhere…we can’t be stopped….

Hey Fam!

It’s been a hot minute, but we are here! Rebooting and restructuring is a process.

As I always said, this is my other baby. The footprint to helping parents/guardians of all walks of life. The thing is there is a way to go about these things. You evolve and adapt until you have to change it up to progress. It’s a constant cycle.

What am I talking about? Well, it’s easy to say “I’m going to be a blogger/content creator” but learning what goes into it besides writing and ideas is where the greats are separated from the amateurs. I’ll admit, I’ve always been an amateur but had the heart to want better for you guys and this blog.

Now? I’m feeling really confident on writing, creating, and seeing what you guys actually need/want from me. A mix if you will, and as I’ve said before it’s also adjusting to the changes because that’s life. That I’m not exactly caring for kids like I was 10 years ago. Funny story, I remember when we first started it was just a food/drink blog, and I literally had another writer ask me “is that all you do?” Now I was pissed at the question because I work hard on ideas, editing, and posting.

I’m still pissed about it, but now it’s more of “who are you to reduce me to that question? If you don’t like it, don’t read”. I guess the difference is I expect comments like that, and I’m actually happy for questions like that because that’s means you are at least clicking on my blog. If it bothered you like that, you would just unfollow me.

No worries! In any event I had to truly not only look at where we are as a family but where I am in my life career wise. How does that fit into this. One area clearly does, and I’ve mentioned it before, but I was too chicken shit to write about it. Not because it’s controversial, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to deal with the possible backlash of it. I had to remind myself what profession I’m in and if that was the case, I just shouldn’t blog at all. That for every one hater, there are 10-20 readers that are like “I’m not the only one! Thank you”!

What does that mean? Well welcome to the parenting world of grown kids and being a homeschool parent. I don’t consider myself an empty nester per se, but I’m pretty close to it. All three have their own lives, where I take Shabbat more seriously in the sense of family time. We are running in four different directions all week that I cherish my mom time. Time goes on a lot, and with recent passing of close family of mine, we all appreciate the cheesy movie nights or wrestling commentary I have.

So……..we are still here, and after you read this, go over and read the first entry in the series of “Homeschool: Are you cray?”

I clearly have to be………welcome to the new improved CSM.


P.S. My elder Millenials/Xennials…..you know where that title is from? It’s still a vibe……

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