We is moving yall! Kinda……


It has been a minute since I posted, and honestly it was because of school. If you are new, since moving back from Chicago, I’ve dived into school and media education since I’ve been back. I’ve tried posting like I used to but with school it wasn’t fitting in…

Until now.

Now we got older kids in the house that can help with the crazy, they have also given me ideas to shift this community in a way that truly gets back to my roots and would actually entertain more on a bigger scale.

What does that mean?

Well, the big change is…….wait for it…….STREAMING!

I’ve set up a channel and right now we are working on the behind the scenes stuff this week going into the next! I’m not as tech savvy as my kids, but they have been so patient with me. You guys also have been loyal and patient as I figure this all out. I truly appreciate it.

Anyway! You need to start going on Twitch.

Yes, the gaming streaming platform, but as I have found out, there is more than that being streamed in the platform, and what better way to really reach to you guys and new folks right?

So, videos. We are going on this route together. The blogs and pages (Facebook and Instagram) will still be there. They aren’t leaving, but if you want a walk through the blog recipe post I write here, twitch will be that place!

To kick it off in February, we are having a theme for the month. I like to call it “casserole and cheesecakes”. You’ll get a preview of two of the recipes this weekend. I’ll be cooking them live next month starting on February 10th.

I hope to see you there! Here’s my channel link:


Invite your friends so I’m not talking to myself. More details next week, until then enjoy these new recipes you are getting today!

See you soon!!!


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