Where do I begin?

Hello! Howdy! ¡Hola! Hey!

Welcome to a new concept called common sense. Actually it’s not new, just lost to most. I’m here to get us all back to that. To a calm place of less worrying, more fun, and easy ways to make life less complicated. From tips on shopping, having fun on a budget, to hidden gems you may not have known about.

I mean why does life have to be complicated? We know there’s no shortcuts, but if you do things just right, you may come across short cuts. I’m a common sense mommy. By the way, this blog is for everyone, moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts, you name it. We don’t discriminate here. Two rules. First, no judging. You want to judge, go to American Idol. Second, have an open mind. Being closed off to new things won’t help, and you’ll be in the ‘world is flat’. Don’t need that here.

Sit back, read, laugh, take notes, drink some coffee, and let it all sink in.


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