Pepperoni Pizza Casserole: Gimme all the carbs!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hoping all is great in your neck of the woods. We have been so busy that I just finally got the time to try this recipe with the kids. I swear spring time is busier than winter time. Anyway, we have been on a pizza fit lately, but I didn’t feel…

Tasty Tuesday: Pumpkin Chili Spaghetti

A FB friend of mine gave me and idea for this when we were talking about weird combinations of foods. I heard of the tradition in Cincinnati, but never tried it. At first, it sounded like it would be gross, but then I thought about making this my own way. Then, the challenge was on….

New Dish Dinner: DragonFruit Maui Maui with Jasmine Rice and Salad

Peeps! I went grocery shopping today, and planned out the week for dinner right? Get this. I wanted to make Dragonfruit Maui Maui with Jasmine Rice and Salad. Well don’t you know I found everything but the Dragonfruit! The hell is this nonsense?! It’s ok, because any true common sense warrior knows, have a plan…

End of Year Dinner

Peeps! I posted a creation of mine on the facebook page last night. It was fab-u-lous! My kids love enchiladas, as do I, but the thing is I like my mexican food spicy. For the longest, I made two pans. One mild, one hot. It can be tiresome, and a lot to prep and clean….

SpongeBob, Crab, and Shrimp…….oh my!

I apologize peeps. I got damn near no sleep due to Ms. Hyperdiva staying up until 2am, and it threw my schedule off. In any event, we are going to continue with kid friendly week! Now, I always like to try out new things, but sometimes, new food sounds yucky to picky eaters. Forget your…