Planning Series Pt. 2: Storage and Prep

How I cook those awesome dishes I post.

Common Sense Mommy

We got through shopping. One cheat I forgot was buy a oven dinner for this night. You’re gonna need it.

Now, remember I mentioned a deep freezer? Great if you have one! If not no worries, you’ll just play tetris like the rest of us.

If you don’t know that reference, it’s a video game. Google it.

Anywho, we shall start with the meat. I buy ground turkey, chicken and a seasonal meat. All choices made are very versatile, and I welcome meatless dishes too.

I buy my meat in bulk or close to it. 12 to 15 pounds of ground turkey. Jennie O has them in 3 pound containters. I get my ziploc freezer bags, get my hands dirty and separate the meat in bags. This is key, which will make sense in a minute.

I buy frozen chicken in resealable bags. Easy storage.

Your third selection of meat…

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