Cleaning System

Howdy peeps!

I hope you enjoyed my St. Patty’s day blog! I’m so sorry that I’ve taken so long in between entries. Took a vacation, and had some family issues to address, but I’m back.

I’ve since begin working out again, and actually enjoying it. In any event, I’m sorry it took so long, and I can’t promise it won’t happen again, but I’m going to try to make sure it doesn’t.

I got so much feedback from my crazy ass food system, that request came in from my cleaning system. By the way, leave comments! I love the feedback! Questions, concerns, or wondering about my sanity, bring it all!

Let’s jump in shall we?

This system, I actually only been practicing for 2 years(roughly).

Step 1: you have to ask yourself ‘have I actually taught my kids to clean?’

As stupid as that sounds, it’s a fair question. Getting the team on board means being the manager/leader, which means teaching them the right way. I’ve seen parents just throw their kids into chores with NO training. They don’t do that in a job, why would you do that? Have you actually trained your kids?

I also used this time for bonding, some of my best conversations came from showing my middle one how to wash dishes or doing laundry.

I tag teamed with my kids for a month on chores, then I slowly let them take over. It let me know they were doing it right, and they gained confidence from doing it on their own.

Before my partner in crime came into my life, I cleaned everything, including their bedrooms myself. How in the hell were my smart kids going to be productive? Yeah, wake up call, hello!

Which leads into step 2…..

Step 2: Perfection come from mistakes, questions, and practice.

When I let my youngest take over vacuuming, I cringed at first. If I had 5 bucks for everytime she got stuff stuck in my vacuum, I could have a maid. What did I do instead? We both sat down, took the vacuum apart, and tried again. She is now a master of telling people ‘can’t vacuum that’. Lol. She still can be sloppy when she wants to run off and play(like my other two, or any kid), but then I catch her, and say ‘do it again, and do it right’.

Patience is key. Remember that when your favorite coffee mug is in pieces. Lol

You’ve trained, and got patience. This is where it gets interesting…….dividing duties.

Step 3: dividing duties. I divided the whole house. We all have equal chores. Since I have the grossest chores, I get bigger rewards. Lol.CAM00228 CAM00227

From the chart you see, they are age appropriate, and need to be checked daily. Homework comes first, and if you mess up someone else area, add that to your list.

With all that said, I just have kitchen, bathrooms, and folding laundry. They hang up their pants, and are responsible for the the rest of the house.

With my crazy ass cooking/shopping system, and barely any chores, I have now established enough me time for myself to rediscover who I was before kids. Time to complete classes, or create my saturday night specials(which I’ll be posting tonight!).

Try it and see. It took a while for me to release control, but it is so freeing. I’m now paying allowance to my crew for chores. General rule, one dollar for each year. The more money paid, the bigger the responsibilities.

Simple and straight to the point! Have fun!

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  1. This is great! Simple and to the point. Do you mind if I repost on my blog?


    1. buttercuppieces2013 says:

      Sure! Go ahead!


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