Thai Kitchen’s Red Curry Premix Sauce

I decided introduce a new section on the blog, to show it’s not just about organization and drinking. Lol. Not knocking either one, but their is more to being a common sense parent than that. One major role is what you feed you kids.

In my previous post of organizing my shopping trips, and cooking, one day is ‘something new’. Now this could be method or new food all together. I figure, if I try something new, instead of just testing on my kids, I’ll share it with you guys too. You can also let me know, if you tried it out and what your experience was like.

Ready? Alright let’s get to it!

Living out west (Phoenix, Las Vegas, and eventually Simi Valley, California), really let me expose my kids to homemade international foods. One staple in our home is chicken curry. We love red curry in particular. Red curry paste, coconut milk, veggies, and chicken with rice. It’s awesome.

Shout out to the thai food restaurant in Moorpark! Love that place!

Anywho, as I’ve also stressed, though I’m a huge fan of things from scratch, I embrace box, pre-made, or products luke hamburger helper. I just tweak things as I make them. The semi-homemade moment. 85% homemade, 15% pre made. I got a busy life being a business owner, mom to three, and communications major. I also still make sure I have me time too.

With that said, last night I tried a new product, maybe new to us, but new nonetheless. Introducing Thai Kitchen Red curry sauce.


I bought two at the price of 4.89/each. I was at my international grocery store buying my fruits and veggies (refer back to the shopping entry). Looked easy to use, and I’m thinking ‘time saver’.

I bought these about three weeks back, and between spring break and easter, I forgot about them until this weekend when I was taking inventory and making my weekly menu. Decided to change up my days and make my tuesday night new dish night.

Looking it over, the directions seemed pretty easy. My first con of the product was the amount you get in the jar versus the price. For close to 5 dollars each, to me should be more. That’s ok, I’m still optimistic about it being done in 10 minutes!

Again, following directions, the sauce simmers first, then you add your veggies. I chose red and green peppers with broccoli.  It cooked fast, then I added the chicken.

Strike 2.

I feel that maybe I should have cooked the chicken first, but I wanted to go off the directions to see how it all worked out. 35 minutes later, it was done. Not that anyone was complaining and/or whining but during the week, I have a time limit of 35 mins or less.  The fact it was close to an hour really didn’t sit well with me.

My rating, out of 10 yeah boyees!, I would give it 5.5 yeah boyees! The price wasn’t the best compared to what I expected. The time for cooking was false. The texture wasn’t the same as if I got the paste and coconut milk myself. Plus side, it cut time being pre mixed. The kids couldn’t tell the difference. Compared to paying the price on two items, I got one altogether.

If just getting done is the goal, I give my common sense mommy stamp of approval. It’s not just about getting done. In my opinion, its getting done and it tasting good too.

Recommendation: get the fresh ingredients and do it yourself.

Until next time!


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