4th of July pt 2

Yes, my lovelies I’m still living.

I had friends in from out of town and visiting with them. Totally forgot to update post for you guys! I’m so sorry! Shall we continue?


My american themed barbeque came out wonderful.



We used the peach moonshine barbeque sauce and it was a hit! Not hard to make your own sauce from scratch. Considering making it a permanent thing in this house.




With sides completed we chowed down! Pictured are ribs, macaroni and cheese, vegetarian baked beans, deviled eggs.

As you read, in the last post, I prepped desserts also. Here’s the finished product:



Came out lovely! Prep may have been a little long(day before), but it served its purpose. Remember those mason jars?


Patriotic Punch for the babies!

I hope you holiday was as fun as mine!


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