Holly Days No. 23: Do you!

I woke up just in a weird funk.

Could have to do with the running around I have to do tomorrow.

New Year’s Eve Errands.

I hate it. I’m a polite, social person, but I’m not patient by any means. Especially at the grocery store or at the bank. If I can get it done early, I will. In my opinion, best time to get grocery shopping is in the early morning hours, like right after the kids are off to school. It let’s me think, and really get good qualities of the food I’m seeking. If in a rush, I’m not paying attention, and end up with shitty food.

Excuse my German.

Then there’s the bank. If you go early, like I normally do, you’re in and out in twenty minutes at the worse. The last time I went, I had to wait to go, let’s say I detested that decision a lot. LOL. Making that deposit took an hour an a half.

I mean really people, come on now?

So I know it will be a disastrous fun filled day tomorrow, but it leads me into the Holly Days post for today.

That was smooth, I know, cause I’m awesome like that!

While I’m out, I will get my nails, feet, and eyebrows done. I will get my last Christmas gift to my self, and order pizza. I may make a request of jello shots to post, and come home to just chill.

If you can’t go all out like that, no worries! Today’s post is about at home salon service!

Oh yeah. When you are on a fixed budget, and trust me I am normally more than then I want to be, you do it yourself. You got through the holidays, and maybe, you don’t want to go out. Maybe you don’t want to get dolled up, and just want to chill at home in your flannels, and catch up on Netflix. Maybe you’re like me, and too cheap to go out, and know damn well you can save a ton of money staying home, possibly having friends over, or maybe not. Who cares!

What matters is you go into the new year refreshed, and replenished. You want to be relaxed and end 2014 on a good note.

You get in a good soak in the tub, apply enough lotion, cream, or what ever you use. Remember, it’s winter season, and dry skin is not cute.

Lock the door and just veg out. grab a book it you want, or your tablet and watch a great movie in the tub. I mean why not, their are no rules to a great soak in the tub. Any difficulties, drama, or bullshit, you leave in that tub. The point is to wash/soak the bad juju away right?

For my peeps who get into facials and such, they’re are a ton of great facial mask out there online to use, based on at home products, that cost close to nothing to use. My skin is weird, so I stick with the Noxzema/Sea Breeze combo for my face. Been good to me since 1990. I’m hella old for saying that, LOL. Every now and again, I use the banana facial mask. One medium sized banana, 1/4 cup plain yogurt, and 2 tablespoon honey. Make sure the banana is mashed until it’s smooth, and add the other ingredients. Apply to your face for 10 to 20 minutes, and boom, face is as soft as a baby’s butt!

I always get my nails done professionally, because, I don’t know how to do everything myself, I’m still a creative person, and it gives me ‘me time’ when I go. I can’t always afford my toes though.

What’s a girl to do? Hit Sally’s Beauty Supply!

Yes, I love this place. Way back when, I used to get my hair done all kinds of ways. Hair extensions(weave), braids, dyes, you name it, I probably done it, except a wig. Give it time, that may change too, LOL. Anyway, I love their selection of hand and foot care. I get by going over there every three months or so, to stock up on products when I can’t splurge on a pedicure. I get scrubs, foot lotions, and anything else I may like to try. I also get crazy nail polishes to paint my nails. It makes me feel like I’m 12 all over again.

One of the best things about Sally’s is that they have a discount card you can sign up for, and save a ton on. I believe the renewal price for the card is 10 dollars, it maybe less, I never remember, because it’s a yearly fee, but again, it’s so worth it!

You’ve taken that long soak, facial, and toes are awesome! You’ve put those flannels on and curled up with your favorite snack. Don’t you feel better? I mean who cares that you have debt sitting there, or your boss is an asshole. Sometimes, you need a power boost of some sorts, and for me that’s it. I come up with my best solutions or ideas this way. Sometimes you need that me time. No kids, hubby, boyfriend, pets or crazy ass relatives. Just time alone with thoughts, dreams, and ideas.

Warn everyone, if they value their lives, they will not bother you during your me time. I mean, I tell my kids, I don’t bother you during your favorite tv show, or when you have company, so don’t bother me unless someone is bleeding or the house is on fire.

Send 2014 out the door, and welcome 2015 with style and grace!

Did I quote Biggie Smalls? LOL that’s awesome.

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