Bar 101: Anniversary Series Pt. 1: Franchise Games

We began our month long celebration of the blog with the themes we voted on the facebook page! I asked everyone to vote as much as they wanted on Disney movies and Video Games. I calculated the votes, and made the final tallies. We have four catagories, and for this week, we are starting off with Franchise Games. These games have been around forever, some longer than I even thought! I really had fun writing the recipes for this weekend, and once the book comes out, some of these will be included for you guys to make!

‘To Hell and Back’ was based off the Doom Series. I remember as a kid when it was first released. I never saw anything like it. It was scary, violent, and for it’s time, the graphics were exciting and new! The premise was a marine fighting off alien hellish demons before they took over. This drink was for that Marine who made it through, and came back in one piece. It’s simple, and strong. Just like a marine who kills demons should be, right?


The number 2 pick was Grand Theft Auto. I knew this game would be mentioned in some capacity. This game is so controversal when released, and each time it’s released, it pushes the envelope. I wanted to try to do the same thing. Incorporating each location where the game took place. Very interesting mix of liquids, but they mesh oddly enough, and will sock you in the gut. We have the ‘International Carjack’


Silent Hill. What can I say. This was the introduction of a long series of crazy ass horror games. We have the other popular one on here, but we will get to that in a minute. Silent Hill gave me nightmares, and I had kids by the time it came out. Though, I never played it, I watched. This game gave me jump scares before Five nights at freddy’s did. Especially the character ‘Pyramid Head’. It was one of the most freakiest characters I had witnessed as a gamer. Of course if this game was on the list, I would have make a drink based on this character.


Oh! One of my favorites! This game was around when I was a pre-teen, and occupied my time during the summers when it was too hot to go outside, or after my homework was done during the year. Mortal Kombat was a new game series teenagers never seen or experienced before. The graphics, plot lines, and fight finishers carried this game to heights no one ever seen. This April, another chapter of the game will be released, and as I hardcore fan, I can’t wait! ‘Edenia’ is a cocktail based on one of the other worlds theat was to be taken over at one point. Sheena reigned over the world for a short period of time until her death.


Then we have one of the games, that have spawned many games and movies. I’m not really a game to movie fan, but love Milla Jovovich as Alice. She kicks major ass! Resident Evil has played on the theory and fears of the zombie apocolypse and corporations messing with science. In salute of the games/movies I created the ‘T-Virus’. It’s what getting the chaos going, and craziness takes over.


We wrap up the walk down game memory lane with a game series that every person knows of if they are fans of first person shooters. In the last installment, Kevin Spacey lends his voice and acting chops to the game. Call of Duty has given an insight to what you may think war may be like, without you going to war in real life. This drink is a throwback to the original concept of the game, which is based in World War II. As a history buff, this one was fun to come up with, since I love reading about times I can never experience. The ‘N.A. Allies’ is based on the information of who were with the Allies during the time of the war. We have the United States, Canada, Scotland, and England. Fighting side by side, they meshed well, and we all know how it ended.


Those were the top votes of games. I loved all the suggestions. Next week, we are going to announce the Indy/PC games that were voted in! Have fun!

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