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As we continue to get to know each other, I’m having a blast getting more and more ideas, and products out to you. This entry is no different.

At the end of the day, this is a building business. My goal is to be in households everywhere on some level. I also don’t mind promoting products, businesses, and self made ideas on this blog. This page/business is no different.

My siblings and I all have one thing in common. We dream big, shoot for the stars, go for our own businesses, and dare anyone to tell us we can’t. My younger sister is doing that and some. She’s very talented, and has an awesome sense of fashion. We both love to mix vintage with a touch of modern flare on our fashion. She’s a lot better at it than myself, but her jewelry, and make up skills are flawless!

Looking over her store, will make you feel like you are a star doing one on one shopping. She captures an essence that isn’t seen too often in fashion anymore. If you love being different and classy, this page is for you.

Not to mention the prices!

The prices on her stuff is so affordable, you don’t have to explain away why you spend so much to anyone. She keeps that in mind creating each piece, and even has sales to add to the awesome prices. I mean my mom, who is on a fixed budget, bought things from her, and rocking it where ever she can!

Now, I’m not writing on this because she’s my sister. I’m writing on it because it great quality product. Now she also has make up tutorials that show you how to pull off those hollywood looks you see on Entertainment Tonight or Extra.

I give the site and her product a 10 minute beyonce strut out of 10. Give her site a look over, and get some awesome jewelry in the process. I mean tell you family to buy it for you! You know mother’s day is this weekend, yeah it maybe a little late, but so worth it!

Go check her out, and vote for the post in the process!

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