Pumpkin Pie Sparkling Water? Wait, What??!!!

Homework done. Kids fed. Wine in hand, and ready to blog!

Momhulk, Ms. Hyperdiva, and I were at the store getting eveything Wise One wanted for her birthday dinner. Making our way to the register, we saw the 10 for $10 bins. I normally look for some deals. I saw the flavored sparkling water. I like to get those sometimes. I try not to drink soda/pop too often, and they curve my craving for it.

What caught my eye was this.


Now, again, I stress, I love fall. I love the pumpkin season. It lets me know, it’s time for my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Halloween. It’s also close to my birthday. What I wonder about is how much pumpkin spice________ are we going to have?

Momhulk saw it as well, and of course she goes ‘You should review it for the blog!’

Well, what the hell right? I mean what’s the worse that can happen?

Got back to the house, cleaned up, and got the burgers and fries going. I showed Brohulk and Wise One the product, and they voted, I may die. Got to love family support.

Brohulk and I sat down, and asked for a prayer, and went for it.

Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t bad! I mean it tasted just like a pumpkin pie slice. I agree with Brohulk, if you are strict dieting, and want a piece of pie, this would work. To drink regularly, I’ll pass. Not something I want with my meals dayn in and day out. Lke I said, craving fatty pie, and you can’t do it, go for it. As you see, zero calories, no sugar, can’t beat that.

Momhulk suggest over ice. I say up the ante. Freeze in the freezer, then defrost slightly to make a slushie. Better yet, use with low fat ice cream, to make a semi-healthy milkshake!

I give this a 3 bought pumpkin pies out of 5. It’s a nice concept for the season, but not something I would drink daily, more of something as a non gulity treat. Love love the smell! Do they have a rehab center for bath and body works?


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