Getting the Raw Me.

I’ve been so lost as of yet. Not for last night’s results, which that was a clusterfuck of an election.

I’ll be real with you guys. I love you guys, more than you know. You guys gave me another creative outlet to be me, share, and laugh as we tackle parenthood.

At times, I feel held back because I play the fine line of losing my peeps. I want to share my thoughts, discussions, and conversation. Understand different views, but also have my views understood.

I feel it’s a responsibility of mine to make these conversations happen. I’m a blogger, and I like to think I would want to use my blogging for positive things. Not spew anything that’s hateful or untrue. This is where the line gets weird.

Politics and Religion are two main ‘no nos’ as a person in the hospitality sector. I say fuck that noise. One driving point of having a restaurant is bring people together. They eat, conversate, and listen. Truly listen. Enjoy people’s company.

After the debacle of the election, one thing I notice, on both sides, is no one is truly listening. They listen to argue. Their is a difference to listen to understand, and listen to wait your turn you implode your point. We are missing that skill. I found it within my own family this trait, and it needs to end if we want to co-exist.

This isn’t about politics, though if you ask me, the electoral college needs to go like yesterday. It’s about that do we do now to combat the hate, ignorance, and lies. Peeps, it broke my heart to hear Super Samurai tell me “he doesn’t like people like me”. Wise one is scared for him, and frankly so am I, but as I tell my crew, we channel anger and fear into positive results.

Things need to change. They are way over due. To challenge the establishment, and to give facts, not opinions. I respect to disagree in politics, but the hate has got to go. I challenge you my peeps, have the awkward conversations and truly listen.

“When you listen, people tend to tell on themselves”. I’ve seen it on both sides, and instead of being hateful, I educate. To the point of quoting books and direct sources. It’s hard to argue facts. Opinions can be argued for days, but facts are facts. Lets talk!

Hit up the Wayment conversation on the FB page. I really want to hear both sides and soultions, because I’m not happy leaving this world to my crew and your children with this much bullshit. Let’s fix this.

Love and Peace


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