Product Review : Kraft Macaroni N Cheese Deluxe

Time for a new episode of Product Review!

This week is a twist on macaroni and cheese.


Krafts products have been great to me as a kid, and as a mom. Now with that said it’s cheaper to make from scratch. On the other hand, nights like yesterday, didn’t feel like doing all that. My daughter LOVES macaroni n cheese and will critique each brand too. Kraft is her favorite brand.

I forgot things for my other entry, and saw this box at the store. Now, the price was boo boo to me(2.69/box), but I over looked it.

If you ever had the Krafts other types of mac n cheese and mix ins, its no different. We love the broccoli mix in. I found a way to get my kids to eat new veggies and they got their weekly cheese fix.

Boil the pasta and veggies until cooked. Drain and rinse. Mix in prepped cheese, and serve. Real simple. With pepper, it was awesome. With cooked ground chicken, this could be a whole meal with a salad. Cook time maybe was 20 minutes total, maybe less due to my mutltitasking.

My verdict: 8/10 yeah boyees.

Prep, taste, and method was awesome, could have had 10/10, but the price. It’s key factor for me. I watch what I spend on everything. Drop it about .75 to 1.00, it would be perfect.

Try it, it fabulous, as my 9 year old says.


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