Bar Lab 101: Adult Girl Scout Cookies!

Well I’m back, and finally done with all these surgeries! Which means getting back to normal.

I tried to do this project the last two weekends, but everything and their mama prevented me from getting done.
Not tonight!

We are back in this lab mixing, tasting, and celebrating!

This weekend, I finally figured out my girl scout recipes, and posting them on here. I have these four as cocktails, three for tomorrow to bake, and one to sumbit in a contest. Tonight we are focusing on the cocktails. These are the last of the book entries, so definitely start looking out for that.

First up we have the ‘Sweet Girl’.



Made with shortbread/trefoils, it’s a throwback to the SAHM in the 50s that snuck liquor into tupperware parties. Made with strawberry ice cream, and fruit, no one will ever tell you were drinking unless you say something!

Next, we have ‘Peace Offering’.



This one is made with thanks a lots. It’s like a Keebler elf fudge striped cookie but no stripes on the top. Each cookie has ‘thank you written on the top of the cookie in different languages. It gave me the idea to make a drink in the thought of ‘hey, I messed up. Here’s an olive branch. Sorry?’.

Our third one is called ‘Sock Hop’.



It’s loosely based off of the white russian. It’s pretty good, and it reminded me of back when everyone was paranoid of communism taking over during the 50s. History tends to repeat ifself when you don’t learn the first time……LOL.

Lastly, is the ‘California Poodle’.



This one is loosely based off of the Colorado Bulldog. I always wanted to try it, but wanted to make it my own way. Made with caramel delights/samoas, I made this and the peace offering for my brother and his friends to get feedback. After changing some things I think it’s ready to share with everyone else!

Now that girls scout season is over, and surgery is done, we can get back to normal! Come back next weekend for Bar Lab 101. We shall cover some St. Patrick Day favorites and orginials with our guest star, Jameson!


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