My check in❤️❤️❤️❤️


How have you been? Its been about four years since you left here but you gained some great company.

I know you and Grandpa Bester have been hanging out, and now welcoming Grandma Bester into that mix. At least you guys are at peace looking, watching and relaxing as you should.

I really hope I’m making you proud down here. I really miss you guys. Our cheering section. I know you aren’t far away, but its just different. Especially since I loved your advice.

I hope you heard me the other day. I was praying so hard for my sanity, and as creepy as this my sound, I felt you guys watching my audition. Its what got me through it, on top of the kids advice during the waiting process.

As you see, they are doing great! They are my pride and joy. I’m so proud of all three of them. In some ways, I’m hurt they didn’t get to know you like I did, but I pass on stories, experiences, and knowledge you gave me.

Its been nuts lately, but we welcome the good change. I mean the only way to go is to the top, right?

Thanks for guiding us, including Mom. It can be distracting at times, but your way of letting us know and reminding us what the goal is, is a beautiful thing.

I hope you three are relaxing and enjoying your time where you are.

Love Always,

Your Eldest……

I know its creepy to write to your dead relatives, but for me, they aren’t gone. They are around in different ways.

As you guys know, my grandparents on my dads side passed, and my grandfather on my moms side passed. The reason for that letter was we had a tradition. Anytime a major life goal was made, we called each other. All the way down to grade cards. Lol.

Well, since I got my first role in a play, Anastasia has been getting features in art projects, Brandon will be 21, and Emily is a legit makeup artist, I wanted to do my tradition.

We couldn’t with them. Though they saw it, we couldn’t check in.

This. This was my way of doing it.

It maybe weird, or even morbid, but for me, its my way of talking to them. Hell even checking on them.

Its all good. They are with us and we are just getting started.


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