Checking in and explaining some thangs…..

My Peeps!

We stay confused. No, hear me out.

I started this blog when I was at home and just wanted to help at home moms out. The ideas, tips, and tricks I learned weren’t just for at home moms. These were from working moms, at home moms, single moms, and eventually suggestions from dads and guardians.

Part of the reason I stepped back is to unlearn things that even I didn’t realize was problematic in my writing.

Again, not going anywhere, but I am questioning my delivery.

When you broaden your peep circle, you need to include everyone.

I know, why does that affect us?

Well think about it. I write recipes and other parental stuff. I try, and stress try, to be more consistent in posting, but other media options are making me think twice on just writing. It also helps, because one thing I have learned on this journey is not everyone learns the same.

Some can just read a post and try it. Some need to see video of it being made. Some need a live session to vent and watch me fuck up a creation. Trust me, it doesn’t always go smooth.

Just to catch you guys up, I’ve concluded my theatre studies and have been auditioning. I also decided to make my own creations, which lead me to the film program. It’s one thing to want to film or go live, it’s something else to know what you are doing. I know that I’ve heard ‘just go live or just film’.

Yeah, when presentation is about 90 percent of your blog, you can’t just “just film”. You research, right? Remember, you are fighting for a huge area, so stuff can’t look crazy.

Point is, a lot of behind of scenes things are happening, and I’m still here, creating, and taking notes to upload. I’ll be back soon. Just know, it’s not just a blog anymore. It’s more than that.

It’s a brand and movement, and I hope you still join me, cause we are about to have some fun.

Looking just like that hot mess too!


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