Been distracted but it’s all good!

Hey my peeps!

This page has grown so much in the past couple months, I just feel extremely humbled that you all have hooked on to it. I appreciate the following, comments, and everything in between that has grown this page into the metamorphosis that it has.

I figure that since I’ve connected with so many of you I can share with you. Though I’m an open book, I tend to mask feelings well unless you’ve grown on me. With that said, I have been going through some stuff as of yet, but this blog, and facebook page has kept me in great spirits for the most part.

First, for my closer peeps who read this or follow the facebook page, I got the good news of the bump under my arm was non cancerous, and it was just an abscess. Flipping hurt like a mofo! I’m not going into detail but it’s a massive pimple, and you know what to do for pimples. Enough said.

My family was relieved, but I have to take it easy until Monday for a follow up…..but I’m not emotional over that. It’s more for the trip back to my hometown to see family. You see, dysfunctional is just the tip of the iceberg, but I love them. Well, as time goes on people get older. That’s life, and this maybe the last holiday season I have with my grandfather, as we were informed this last stint he had in the hospital. Dementia is a fucked up way to go, IMO, but like most diseases, they don’t discriminate. So this birthday combo my grandfather and I share(I’m the 25th, and he’s the 30th) may be an emotional hoohah of a mess.

Just to give a backstory, my grandparents stepped in where my dad was absent. I was the prime example of it takes a village to raise a child. Between the guidance of my mom, and my grandparents who lived through the depression, and civil rights movement to now, taught me everything, and took care of me while me mom worked. For me, they are like second parents.

To see someone you are close to dying slowly, sucks balls, to be honest. This holiday shall be bittersweet, but I will own that holiday better than Martha Stewart! My creative genes came from my mom, but the risk-taking came from my mom and grandfather. My owning mistakes in the kitchen came from my grandmother(in other words ‘roll with it and fuck the rest, LOL).

This holiday post of food, drinks, and entertainment will be a distraction of the obvious, but a good one as always. As good as one can be with underlining issues, but one other thing my family taught me is how to throw a great party with the pink, blue, and green elephants in the room. I mean come on, they invented the classic mad men front in party settings.

Where’s the royalties for that? I need to google that. LOL

Love you guys. Don’t worry, I’m good, a little uncomfortable but good. I’ll post my Thanksgiving traditions, and Bar creations for the holiday! You know I’ve been working on those, come on now!


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