Memorial Day Thoughts

As I woke up this morning, I remembered it is Memorial Day.

We don’t cookout or go to parades. We sit and think. Think about who’ve we lost and gained.

When I say that, it’s soliders who put their lives on the line for us to enjoy these holidays how ever we choose. Their are also the soliders who come back, and aren’t the same as they were when they left. They can’t go back to normal lives because of the trauma and everything they have seen in war.

These are soliders we tend to forget about. We are so happy they are back, we forget, they may not be the same people. We don’t put the necessities into our society to make sure they are ok. That we appreiciate them. That if you see a strung out Vet on the street, you just assume they are a druggie, and cast judgment.

Have we ever thought about why they are there in the first place? That maybe they need us to save them, just like they protect us from threats of terror. Mental defects, and issues, are something we shrug off. It isn’t something we should. They gave they lives and sanity, for our freedom, for us civilians to say it’s the governments issue. It’s everyone’s issue, and something to not take lightly.

So today, give the fallen respect. Remember, fallen isn’t just the guys six feet under. In some cases they aren’t but a couple steps away from being in the ground…….

To my Marine Mom, My Air Force Grandfather, Green Beret Great Uncle, Army Uncle, and current cousins who are in, and newly enlisted Army cousin who’s going in later this month.

We haven’t forgot you and your life changing decision. We will be here when you get back, ready to help in any way we can, because we owe you that.

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